About me

About me

If you don’t know me, I’ll describe myself as a kind, organized, diplomatic, responsible person (meet my promises), very analytical (look for answers anywhere), strong principles, discreet (you won’t realize if I’m upset) and as a friend, you can count on me.

Some of my defects are my limited patience (I hate wasting time), I prefer don’t say anything if there is nothing good to say but I share my opinion and I don’t like to depend on others.

My profession is Computer systems engineer but always, my dream was to be a veterinarian. I like horses and dogs, I enjoy their company and abilities to speak to us without words. I changed my mind after a few surgical experiences at my dad’s clinic where I discovered that I felt dizzy when I saw or smelled blood so it would be pretty hard for me to become a vet.

Later, I thought about becoming an architect because I used to draw and participate in my elementary school contests, winning some of those. I also admire the artworks, the architecture of the cities, in fact, photography is one of my main hobbies. Recently, I’ve learned how to use some photo editors and create designs with my photo catalog.

In addition, I love interior design. When I bought my first house, I knew that no wall would be blank. I like to add a touch of color and play with the furniture arrangement. Finally, I studied technology because of the possibilities that the career offered and due to the technologies are the future.

I consider myself a curious person and always I look for something new to learn or do. Someday, I wish to speak French and play the violin. The music is present all the days of my life, I enjoy it a lot (btw, my name means Christmas song and that’s my favorite season as well).

Cooking is not passion however sometimes I cook and pleasantly surprised me with my dishes. I am foodie, enjoy trying new food to make comments about it or recommendations.

I am a chocolate lover and drink coffee too. I have greats memories of my grandparents’ house where I woke up in the morning with the delicious coffee aroma recently made.

Worth mentioning that I’m married to one of my best friends, Marvin, and at the moment we have two smart and lovely pets.