Without precedents

The 2020 has marked a before and after in the way we relate to others. COVID-19 separated us all in our homes bringing the sadness with it.

Do your best

I've heard that dreaming costs nothing, but perhaps not dreaming comes at a high price because it closes the doors of possibilities to explore and achieve the unimaginable.


Although the question ¿what are your aspirations? is constant in job interviews, the responses are usually variable

Change agent

When we want that things to change, we must get down to work.

Under construction

At one time, I was a person who expected the best from other people until they showed me the opposite, from there: arrivederci. Today, I recognize that second chances are necessary, that no one is perfect and if we strive, everything can improve.

Play to win

Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, but I never give up. Enjoy each round because even when you lose, mistakes help us learn what not to do.

It comes with the job

If life gives you lemons... let's prepare margaritas!!!

Algunas veces nos encontramos en situaciones que nos sacan de onda y cuesta reaccionar con delicadeza porque lo que apetece es mandar a todos a volar.

Perspective adjustments

When we don't look away from the right place, it's easier to focus on the suitable direction that leads up to the goal.

A life of 24 hours

Living the present is a gift, laugh and share smiles today, put on your best outfit today, call your loved ones and tell them how much you miss them, hanging out with friends, embrace your dreams today because you don't know if there are more opportunities.


One sabatic year and opportunities

The routine bores me and for that, the changes often occur in my life. From a new hairstyle to my country of residence. Definitely, changes bring some challenges more difficult than others, but during this new stage of my life, I experience some professional challenges.

Friendship without frontiers

It's said that friends are a treasure and yes they are because good friends are scarce today. Having people interested in knowing how you are, became having followers on social networks, however, having people who make plans to meet and see each other, go on a picnic or watch a movie at home is priceless.

It is a new day

Adventures migrating to a new country

Traveling is one of my passions, but I didn't know what it means to be foreign. Getting out of the comfort zone is never easy, however we need to experiment and do new things to get different results.

About me

I once read that there are three kinds of people in the world: 1. People who make things happen, 2. People who see how things happen, 3. People who ask what happens ... since then, I decided to be part of the first and become the protagonist of my life.