Friendship without frontiers

Around the world, there are uncountable beliefs and I respect these due we are free to choose whether or not to believe in the God who created and loved us so much to send his unique son to rescue us. For me, life has not been a journey of roses but knowing Jesus Christ has been a blessing. Since childhood, I have had a special relationship with him, he was the imaginary friend that many children usually have. My education was in a catholic school and I attend mass with my family on Sundays.

Since young, I understood what Jesus meant in my life, he was the friend who listened to me, took care of me even gave me beautiful sunsets wildflowers to enjoy.

For me, wherever I am, God is there and in so many ways makes me feel safe.

Upon arriving at Madrid, I didn’t know what church to attend until, thanks to Marvin, we found Amistad Cristiana. From the first day, we felt among friends and it’s the AC’s DNA is to welcome people to introduce them to Jesus, that’s why I felt as I met them since ever because I already met Jesus.

Honestly, they are a blessing and are a second family that shows us we aren’t alone. Thanks!

Certainly, I met people from different countries during the master’s degree, and we shared pleasant experiences such as birthdays, Christmas dinner, trips, etc. although many of them returned to their countries, I know our friendship will stay alive because friendship knows no borders.