It is a new day

It is a new day

Adventures migrating to a new country

I am a person who adapts very well to changes and I organize myself to achieve my goals. A couple of years ago, I decided to give a little twist to my day to day, therefore I looked for a job as a professor at university. To my surprise, my engineering degree was not enough, not even the master’s degree in higher education that I had just obtained, besides that, I had to have a master’s degree or a specialization in some branch of my professional area.

Since I completed all my studies in my country, I explored the options to study abroad. After two months, I received the call that changed everything, I got a scholarship to study a master degree in Big Data & BI in Madrid, What a thrill!

That’s how I quit my job, said goodbye to my family and friends, and set off my journey to Madrid with my husband Marvin. But it was until we got on the aircraft seat to the Barajas airport that I finally had time to assimilate all the changes that came with migrating to a country so far from home.

Despite the fact that almost every year, I took vacations and visited many new places, moving to another continent for at least one year, it was too different, this implies starting from scratch: friendships, meals, spots, idioms, in conclusion, a new lifestyle.

I’ve been blessed to share everything with Marvin, I guess that migrating alone would be more difficult. Today, we have new friends, favorite dishes, and places to have tasty coffee or walk our pets.

Undoubtedly, we miss our families, our old friends, and being at home, but we still want to have new adventures and discover other countries. After all, life is one.

From everything, we learn, and I am glad to experience what it entails to migrate from country, spare me the tale.