One sabatic year and opportunities

Upon the master’s degree graduation, I have experienced a new phase of job search in Madrid. Foreigners (majority) have to be highly qualified to obtain the sponsorship of a company to process the work permit or wait out an interval of years.

Today, finding a job is almost a job and I have had several interviews so far, but these companies are not willing to offer me a contract to process the work permit (perhaps due to ignorance of the process). Despite that, the good side is my profile fits what they are looking for.

Honestly, the idea of starting my own business is becoming really attractive lately, what slows me down a bit is to face the reality of the need to earn income soon.

Of course, standing idly by is not my thing, so I spend my time doing volunteer work, learning something new as creating a website among other things. I know that time is valuable therefore I invest it in what produces value or wellness.

None of the above would be possible for me if I don’t make an effort to give my best on everything I do and place my trust in God, that’s why the promise of Mark 9:23 (NIV) is my favorite one: “If you can’? said Jesus, Everything is possible for one who believes.. The word ‘EVERYTHING’ followed by the word ‘POSSIBLE’ makes an enormous difference in my life.