Without precedents

Without precedents

Yesterday, while returning from a short walk with one of my pets, I met a neighbor in a little park in front of my building, due to health’s recommendations state people must keep a safe distance (1 meter) between all, I stopped to wait for he to go ahead but I noticed that she did the same. After indicating to her that she could continue and I realized she wiped away some tears of her eyes, I was puzzled and wondered ¿what happened? Then, as if she was reading my thoughts, told me that she was sad and missed seeing to her son whom she used to see in the park daily, she lives alone and although they talk on the phone, it is not the same. It broke my heart to listen to her, my instinct was to comfort her (I would have liked to offer her my shoulder). I said to her that soon everything will happen and to trust God who protects us. Then, she thanked me and said goodbye.

For a while, I was thinking about her and the situation that many elderly people live like her, and at times like this, the loneliness hits them.

Young people are familiar with using technology to entertain ourselves however many of the old people have trouble seeing well, their pulse trembles, and spending hours in front of a screen is difficult for them. A few days ago, I talked to my grandma by video call, it was a blessing that my cousin helped her to make the call because my grandma doesn’t have a smartphone, she prefers the classic phone with buttons to press the numbers.

Staying isolated for so many days has been hard even for me. I really want to go to the beach, hear the sound of the sea, and feel the breeze. Somehow, I think nothing will ever be the same, we’ll a bit skeptical to say hello, meet, or even bath in the pool with strangers.

I don’t know if I will grow old, but I would not like to spend my old age alone. Those who are married or have children, probably won’t be alone but the reality is that a lot of older people are abandoned by their families as if they didn’t know that one day they too to grow old.

I don’t know if I will grow old, but I would not like to spend my old age alone. Those who have couple or children, probably don’t have to, but the reality is that many older people are abandoned by their relatives as if they did not know that one day they will also grow old.

I think we shouldn’t forget where we are from and who were there for us when we were born. Old age should be a stage for rest and not for loneliness. If our grandparents o parents don’t receive our support, ¿what support they will receive?

I hope to encourage to who read this, to be supportive of your elders so that they aren’t alone and feel loved again.

I hope to encourage those who read this to be supportive of their elders so that they are not alone and feel loved again.